Most frequently asked questions about public domain images

Are public domain pictures really free?

Yes, public domain images (CC0) are explicitly placed in the public domain (public domain definition). You can use them freely – free images for anyone and any use.

Can I use free images for my commercial project?

Yes, you can use these pictures whatever you like, in your commercial or non commercial projects. You can use it in any print or digital publication, on your own website, on any social network, on CD/DVD, television, movie, news papers, magazines, books, in any business or school project, and for anything else…

Can I edit free images, public domain images?

Yes, you can do whatever you like with them. You can use them in your own projects, you can edit them in any photo editing (or in any other) program. You can apply any filters on it, you can crop, resize, merge them, anything you wish.

Do I need permission to use public domain images?

For images in public domain, you don’t need to ask for explicit permission.

Can I upload and promote my images?

Yes, please  upload images, as many as you like. You can easily upload your images, even without registration on site. Of course you can register and create your profile, also, you can promote your portfolio from other sites, even get paid for your images. We will host and promote your images for free. All that is 100% free.

How to say thank you for free images?

Like/follow our fb page, also you can spread the good word about free images on any website, social network.

Do I need to link back and/or give credit if I use free images?

It would be polite to  link to us, to support site efforts, please credit: Public Domain Images.

Can I copyright public domain images?

No, you can not copyright these images as is, they are already in public domain. But, you can make some derivative work from public domain images and than you can claim the copyright of that derivative work, but not of the original image as is.

Can I hotlink free images from my website?

No, image hotlinking is not allowed, you should download photos you would like to use, and then to upload them on your own website, server.

Is there any limitations to use public domain, free images?

  • Images can not be used for any immoral or unlawful purposes, or to imply endorsement of any product, service, brand, organization or persons associated with images.
  • You are not allowed to use images from this site to create similar website, be aware that not all text (image file names, titles, tags, description) are in public domain.
  • You are not allowed to mass download any content from this site using any automated technique: robots, spiders, applications, programs…
  • If you wish to use images for commercial purposes, be aware that standards for commercial use are higher. Specifically you should assume no model releases were obtained from any people on images. Also, any image featuring products or property should be used with care (images featuring identifiable logos or brand names).
  • You should also read disclaimer document.

Where public domain images come from?

Images come from photographers/sources which clearly claim that pictures are explicitly placed in the public domain, where it was possible the appropriate accreditation of photographer, source is given.