We encourage users to submit photos, please read the guidelines for submitting your images.

In order to provide better user experience and help users find best photos, we require that all photographers follow general guidelines for uploading their images to our service.

Upload only your own photos

Please, upload only photos which you have taken yourself. Respect copyright and do not upload photos made by other photographers. We use reverse image search as well as other information to check submitted image before publishing.

Technical stuff

Low resolution photos. Please upload your images in highest resolution (images should be at least 8MP, also shortest side should be at least 2000px). There is no maximum image dimension limit, you can even upload photos with 100MP resolution (although image file size should not be bigger than 30MB, per any individual photo file).

Pro tip
Upload photos in highest resolution & quality. When you save/export images choose low compression (best quality), and 300 DPI. Allowed file types are only: .jpg, .jpeg, .png.

Borders, frames or too strong vignette. Please do not add borders, frames or too strong vignette effect around your images.

Timestamp. Please do not add timestamp (visible date and time over image).

Watermarks over photo. Please do not add visual watermarks over image or placing any kind of text over image (you can add any EXIF, IPTC metadata, such as: creator, credit, copyright, it will be kept in original size of uploaded photo).

Pro tip
Please keep EXIF, IPTC metadata info, it can be useful to provide more info about image.

Unacceptable content

What is not allowed:
Spam. Please do not upload any spam, purely marketing material.

Adult, vulgar, racist, immoral or unlawful content. Please do not upload any photos that depicts any content that may be offending. We reserve the right to check content before publishing to see if it is suitable for distribution.

Photo(s) depicting any unacceptable content will not be published.

Selfies & low quality personal photos

We will accept personal/portrait photos only if they are top quality (professional photo shoots).
Selfies or group photos of people in their daylight activities will not be published (such as photos you normally upload to your social media).

Over edited photos

Please try to keep natural look when edit your photos. If image looks over post-processed, it might be rejected. Examples of over edited photos can be: adding too much contrast, over saturation, over sharpening, unrealistic highlights…

Duplicate or very similar photos

Do not to submit same image multiple times. Also pretty much same photos from slightly different angle might be rejected if we think they do not add anything new. Also, if you plan to submit same photos with different post processing, please make sure to every version brings some new perspective or new point of view.

Distracting objects & unclear main subject

Every image should have clear subject or theme. A submitted photo can be rejected if there is no clear subject, or if contains unnecessary distraction objects. Examples can be many, from tourists on photo to many other things.

Uneven horizon & improper alignment

Please make sure the horizon on photos is horizontal (especially if you photograph landscapes or cityscapes), and that photo is properly aligned (both horizontally and vertically).

Pro tip
Enable photo grids (usually 3×3 grid) within the camera settings. Photo grid will help you easily align your photo, both horizontally and vertically, also it will help you make your photos with rule of thirds in mind.

Improper image lighting & exposition

Please make sure your images are not too bright or too dark. Images with improper lighting conditions, as well as overexposed or underexposed images may be rejected.

Blurry images & poor focus

Please make sure your photo is properly sharp with clear focus on subject. Unwanted blur on image can be reason your photo is rejected.

Noisy mages & chromatic aberration

Avoid uploading unintentionally noisy images, photos with obvious chromatic aberration or compression defects.

Unwanted reflections

Avoid unintentional reflections on your photos. Reflections may come from many things: glossy objects, from Sun (Sun glare), lens flare…

Pro tip
To avoid unwanted reflections and glare shows on your photos you can use a polarizer filter and lens hood. Also in most cases is enough just to change your position while making photograph. If unwanted reflections occur you can also remove it in photo post-processing.

Lack of effort & low quality

Sometimes your images may be rejected even if they pass all of the above criteria, but appear to have been taken effortlessly or generally represent poor quality photography. We reserves the right to reject some photos if we believe they represent lack of effort and low quality.

Please note:
In some cases we may tolerate and publish photos even if we think they are less than perfect. Even if we ask you to upload images in highest resolution & quality, with at least 8MP, photos can be published even if they are lower resolution & quality. Also, if you submit a few very similar images, they can all be published. Also, images can be published with less than perfect focus, or with some chromatic aberration. In those cases you just may see that photo is tagged with appropriate tag(s): low resolution, duplicate, improper alignment, improper lighting, blurry, noisy, unwanted reflections.

We will not tolerate: copyright issues, watermarks, timestamps or any unacceptable content!